We have allocation as well as supply agreements with a wide range of suppliers including but not limited to Engen, BP, Total, Chevron and Shell. Most of our product originates from Engen at the new depot at Burgan Terminal. The fuel is imported directly form Shell and Engen at the highest possible quality. Thanks in part to our Supplier agreements we are able to assure supply security. 

We also guarantee the quality of our product as we only use a select group of established suppliers. The product is sealed at the depot and the seal is only broken once it reaches the client.


We have service agreements with a wide range of professional transport companies including Crossroads, Unitrans, Tank Services, and JAR Transport. Currently we have three dedicated trucks available at all times with the above suppliers.  Agrisa Fuel also employs a dedicated transport coordinator on a full-time basis with years of experience in the field. This means that we always deliver where and when you need it.


Because of the large volume of fuel that we sell on a monthly basis in the Western Cape , we are able to negotiate a very competitive price. This is done on a continual basis to ensure that our customers receive the most benefit. 

Also, because we don’t own our depots or have vehicles that need to be maintained, as some of our competition, it helps us keep our prices down even further. We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible price.

Our business model is very simple and is based on three main parts:

  1. Price: Lower costs equals bigger price advantage for client
  2. Service: Our clients know that they come first, and that good service is not negotiable
  3. Relationships: Our relationships with suppliers and clients insure the sustainability of Agrisa Fuel